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We are one of Auckland's most established doggie daycare and boarding facilities exclusively for dogs! Our team has created a safe and fun environment where dogs come to be socialized while being mentally and physically stimulated.

To enquire about our availability or to enrol your pup in our daycare, please fill our application form below to book an assessment day 


One Dog

Two Dogs 

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Casual Half Day



Casual Full Day



5 X Full Day Pass



10 x Full Day Pass -
Exp 5 weeks



10 x Full Day Pass -
Exp 12 months




Daycare Schedule

Joining The Dog Club

The daycare environment is quite simply not for all dogs. Dogs all have their own personalities, and some personalities and temperaments are simply better suited than others to the large group environment of daycare.

Please complete our application form and we will be in contact with you to book an assessment day. Assessment days are full-day trials allowing us to monitor your dog’s body language and interaction with other dogs. We pride ourselves on taking the time to ease your dog into the club environment. It's about making sure we're the right fit for each other.

The assessment day is charged at our casual full day rate of $50

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