Our large premises boasts a state of the art pure rubber floor, essential for dog safety. All dogs have access to the outside area ... perfect for water play in the hotter months.


In the morning we separate the dogs into two playgroups. Our playgroups are structured around the personalities of the day ensuring the big guys, the little guys, the little guys who think they're big guys and vice versa are happy.


The key to The Dog Club is exercise and play - a sitting service we are not. A happy dog is one that has been physically and mentally stimulated, just like people. Our dogs go home at the end of a club day, tired and content after a full day of chasing balls and bubbles, playing with their friends, splashing in the paddling pool and lastly, the firm favourite; cardboard box demolition party. We recommend no more than 3x club days a week, however, all dogs are individuals so please get in contact to discuss.

The Dog Club is a Father & Daughter business. At The Dog Club, we understand that you are letting us care for a member of your family for the day. For this reason, we both work on site and remain hands-on. We look forward to meeting you and your dogs.


David and Rebecca


As a bonafide "dog nut" I've a fair few doggy tales to tell! My first dog was a pug puppy bequeathed to me by a terminally ill class mate. Here I was at the very important and mature age of 8, with a puppy of my very own; with the pedigree name of Timothy Allerslie Marshmallow. Tim was a pretty smart dog encased in a "little guys" body (I didn't have the heart to tell him he was any thing other than HUGE). I'm still in awe of Tim's amazing ability to locate, by scent, the class room I was in at school and wait outside for me.

My next dog "Mitza" was sold to me as a Chihuahua Corgi cross. I was told he would remain puppy sized ... he grew, and grew some more and didn't stop growing until he reached the size of a small dingo. Mitza liked the ladies, and chasing a ball, though above all he loved the beach more than the ladies and his ball combined. 

Along came Bonnie the Gordon Setter, beautiful, with a gorgeous gentle nature, but a twit of a dog. As hard as Mitza would try to lead her astray i.e. day trips to the beach, she just didn't "get it".


The first Schnauzer to steal our heart was Mac the standard stud, a  "Tux Wonder Dog" TV star who lived to the grand old age of 16. He'd dive into the pool, grab the boogie board lead and tow whoever was on board to the steps at the side of the pool. The second Schnauzer to steal our heart was Holly, Rebecca's dog.


Good things happen in threes ... and Summer was just that. Another miniature Schnauzer who adored Holly.

My current dog is a permanent fixture at The Dog Club. Buddy is a full on "shake rattle and rock n roll" kinda dog! A standard Schnauzer that looks like a big black faced teddy.

You may be wondering which one is my favourite ... now that would be telling!

There was only a 6 month period in my childhood where we did not have a dog in the house. I didn't realise how special my family life was. Dogs make a home.


Bonnie was particularly talented at resting her dribbly jowls on my toddler head. It was the perfect opportunity for Bonnie, as long I was in the dreaded car seat, strapped in for "dribble time". Payback I guess, for having crawled all over her whilst in nappies.


However, my story starts with my first "own dog" ... Holly the Miniature Schnauzer. She was the result of a strategic and relentless campaign of biblical proportions. Miss Holly was a hoot of a dog, she ran away from her own farts and learned how to open the freezer door to gobble the dropped frozen peas.


With a personality bigger than Texas, Holly set out to win over Dad, the then self-proclaimed "big dog person". She was brimming with charm, big dog attitude, and loyalty. For 7 years we had the Schnauzer trio. Holly's talent to was to carry Mac's lead ... quite a sight to behold!


Skye claimed me as hers after my mother passed away. She was a heat seeker with a loving nature. Skye was the "headmistress" of The Dog Club and if you sat down she'd make a beeline for your lap. She was very smart, constantly wanting to please and would swim further than any other dog just to prove herself.   


Now I have unconditional doggy love at work! Maybe you could ask your dog who is their favourite at The Dog Club. 







Club hours:

Monday and Friday:
7:30 - 6:00pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
7am - 6:30pm

Dogs must be checked into reception by 9:30am



62b Morrin Road, St Johns, Auckland


09-574 5125



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