The Puppy CLub

Our team will teach your puppy the fundamentals of dog life. They'll learn essential commands like sit, down, come, stay and "leave it", plus proper walking on leash etiquette.

Each lesson includes the cost of daycare and a 30 -40 minute one-on-one training session with our experienced trainer.


Full Currirculum

Lesson 1 - Sit, Stay, Down

Lesson 2 - Recall, Crate/Place

Lesson 3 - Leave it, YES/NO

Lesson 4 - Leash Walking

Lesson 5 - Recap


Pick any one Lesson - $70
(Includes a full day of daycare)

Full currirculum - $300
(Includes 5 full day of daycare)

A video of a 10 week old puppy demonstrating what can be learnt using only positive reinforcement training


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