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Puppy and Dog Training

Our training lessons include the cost of daycare and a 30-minute one-on-one training session with our experienced trainer.

Our lessons are tailored to you and your pup's individual requirements. We will discuss what aspects of dog training you want to focus on in our initial consultation and develop a 5-week training program.

To sign up for any of our training packages, all dogs must be a member of our club and have completed our initial assessment day. 



This course will teach your pup the basics like sit, down and walking nicely on the leash but more importantly, skills to become a calm, independent and confident dog!


5 Lessons + 5 Full Days of Daycare


Level Up

We will be working on building focus to help with disengagement from distractions, increase tolerance of frustration to prevent unwanted behaviours like jumping up, barking, and reinforcing overall calmness.


5 Lessons + 5 Full Days of Daycare



Have you done our previous training packages but still struggling with recall around distractions? Bring your dog for daycare and have our trainer practicing recall, focus and calmness around all the other dogs.


5 Lessons + 5 Full Days of Daycare


Behavioral Consultation 

This training program is specially tailored for dogs that are not quite yet ready for training in our daycare environment.

We will work on behaviour management and the trainer will build a games-based training plan specially for your puppy.

Every session comes with a written lesson plan to help you stay on track with your training and videos of how to play the games.


One 30-Minutes Private Session - $60

Five 30-Minutes Private Sessions - $250

Daycare sessions not included 


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