Established in 2012, The Dog Club offers daycare and boarding exclusively for dogs. Situated in St Johns, our facilities features over 800sqm of indoor and 200 sqm of outdoor play space.


In the morning we separate the dogs into two playgroups. Our playgroups are structured around the personalities of the day ensuring the big guys, the little guys, the little guys who think they're big guys and vice versa are happy.


The key to The Dog Club is exercise and play - a sitting service we are not. A happy dog is one that has been physically and mentally stimulated, just like people. Our dogs go home at the end of a club day, tired and content after a full day of chasing balls and bubbles, playing with their friends, splashing in the paddling pool, and lastly, the firm favorite; cardboard box demolition party. We recommend no more than 3x club days a week, however, all dogs are individuals so please get in contact to discuss.